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Tools to Conquer Your Cardio

Bye, bye boredom! Cardio Star gives you the extra oomph you need to power through your routine with your very own personal trainer. (Photo courtesy of Motion Traxx)

Written by Jennifer Fiorentino, editorial intern

Running on the treadmill—or should we say “dreadmill”—can become monotonous, especially during the winter months. Spare the hefty cost of a personal trainer but get the same challenging workout (and results!) with Cardio Star by Motion Traxx. The audio workouts feature power walking, running, cycling and more with leading fitness instructors. In need of some fitness mojo? The custom, interval-based music mixes offer positive yet intense routines that give beginners and super fit athletes the extra push they need to burn calories fast.

“We designed the Cardio Star albums to make it easy to do High Intensity Interval Training—a very effective training technique,” said DJ Deekron, the creator of the tracks. “Plus, the albums give the listener access to coaching from top instructors they normally would not have access to.”

Very effective? You can say that again. This method helps you burn nine times more fat than regular cardio. Take it from us, we gave it a try and loved it—you will, too! Cardio Star audio workouts are available on iTunes and Amazon for $9.99.

“The album helps lead you through the workout,” said H.I.T.T. mix coach, Jessica Smith. “I’m there to help coach you, motivate you and guide you.”

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