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Fashion Friday: Swimsuits? Already?

I took this photo on a trip to Punta Cana two summers ago. Still dreaming of those white, sandy beaches...

I'm not a fan of the cold. Never have been, and probably never will be. Which is why I'm planning a vacation to a nice, warm, tropical destination this winter. I haven't figured out where I'm going yet, but I do know that wherever I end up, I'll have a permanent spot in a lounge chair on the beach, a good book to read, and a fruity cocktail in hand. My only reservation is having to put on a bikini mid-winter. My summer tan is has totally faded, my abs could use a little boost after all of my holiday food binging, and the thought of trying on bikinis is just so not appealing. I mean really, those florescent dressing room lights are not going to make me look my best!

The key to getting through this though, is knowing what styles and brands fit me best. I know that I need a little bit of a fuller coverage top (preferably bandeau since I hate tan lines!), and a bottom that covers, but still accentuates my booty. I have my favorite go-to brands, that I know will never fail me (believe it or not Old Navy is one of them!), and I stay away from styles that I know are not a good fit, like little, stringy, triangle tops, no matter how cute they are. And to avoid those dreaded dressing rooms, I head straight to my online shopping cart, this way I can try on my new suits in the comfort of my own home, and in some flattering natural light.

I know it's way to early to be talking swim (umm hello, we haven't even gotten to 2013 yet!), but I'd love to know what your bathing suit shopping issues are. What are your fit issues, and how do you usually find a solution? Feel free to leave a comment below, or shoot me an email,