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Thanksgiving Myths–Busted!

Opt for oven roasted turkey without the skin for a slimmer holiday dinner this year. (Photo courtesy Blaine Moats)

Think Thanksgiving is the ultimate lazy holiday, filled with fatty fried turkeys and sweet treats galore? Think again!, the largest online home goods retailer, recently conducted a survey of 1,200 people nationwide on their Turkey Day habits and we found a few that may surprise you:

Myth: Couch is king on Thanksgiving Day.

Truth: Whether families are mingling with the in-laws or gearing up for Black Friday, found that the majority of people surveyed spend less than two hours on the couch. About 30 percent of people will not spend any time lounging at all, and will be in the kitchen instead. And for those couch potatoes, 15 percent admitted to spending more than four hours there.

Myth: When it comes to food, fry, baby, fry.

Truth: One third of this year’s Thanksgiving dinners will include more than 10 people around the table with more than 80 percent of dinners having oven roasted turkey as the main entree. For side dishes, stuffing and mashed potatoes are the perennial favorites with both dishes running out first on most tables. And thankfully, only 5 percent of people plan to deep-fry their turkeys this year.

So there you have it, most of us aren’t so lazy during Thanksgiving. Not cooking? Then hop off the couch and get a workout in before dinner!

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