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The Quirky Way A "Vampire Diaries" Star Stays Fit


Often, when you read interviews with celebrities about their fitness routines, you hear about their frequent appointments with trainers. Some even travel with their workout gurus! That's why it was refreshing to speak Torrey DeVitto of "The Vampire Diaries" and "Pretty Little Liars," who prefers to sweat at home and with the masses at the gym. Keep reading to find out what else DeVitto does to stay healthy with a busy filming schedule.

Tell us about your fitness routine. I used to be really into Pilates and hot yoga. I have a friend whose fiance is really into CrossFit, and right around the time when I learned that, I had watched the movie Warrior. I was inspired to try CrossFit myself! I've been going three times a week for the past month and love it. It's so much fun, almost like a relay, and is always different. I'm so much stronger already. My other fitness hobby is hula hoop dancing! After seeing a photo of a friend doing it on Facebook, I asked my mom for a Hoopnotica kit for Christmas. The hoop came with a DVD and I learned every move. I'd say I do it for an hour a day. Sometimes I just hoop along to music on YouTube, other times I take it to the park. I'd never been as sore in my life as I was when I was learning how to use the hoop.

Wow! It sounds like you're very active. What do you eat to fuel all of your exercise? I try so hard to eat well, but have to admit that I eat like crap sometimes. I'm such a sucker for bagels and barbecue chips. I don't count calories, but try to eat the way my body wants me to eat most of the time. I love to grab cranberry tuna salads and kale salads from Whole Foods.

Who are your celebrity body role models? I love a woman with curves—a European look, not stick figures. The look I'm going for is one like Scarlett Johansson or Penelope Cruz. I also wouldn't mind looking like Gwen Stefani circa 1994!

What do you like to do when you're not in front of the camera? I could (and have) read for 12 hours in one day. Sarah's Key is one of my recent favorite books. And as much as it drives my husband, Paul, crazy, I'm a "Real Housewives" junkie. It's like a train wreck and I can't look away. They do know they're on national TV, right? The casts of Beverly Hills and New Jersey are the best. To give back, I'm a volunteer for the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization as an ambassador. I did an internet search for volunteer opportunities about five years ago, and was really struck my their mission: "Nobody dies alone." I've been working with them ever since.