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Vanessa Hudgens Dances for a Cure in New York City!


Written by Jennifer Fiorentino, editorial intern

New studies show that regular exercise can reduce the risk of breast cancer, so to celebrate breast cancer awareness month, Vanessa Hudgens, along with Reebok and DSW, hosted a pink-themed workout at Studio 450 in New York City. Led by celebrity dance and fitness instructor Ilyse Baker, lucky fans got the chance to dance with Hudgens. The 23-year-old celeb chooses fun, energetic exercises over walking on the treadmill. “I love group activities and I love dancing,” Hudgens says. “I have been dancing ever since I was three-years-old so it’s just a fun way to forget about the fact that you’re working out and just enjoy the music and be comfortable in your body.”

At the workout we danced the night away with the gorgeous pink skies of a perfect New York City sunset. Hudgens' insider tip: “Listen to music you love. If you can just get out of your head and allow freedom with music to take over, you’ll have so much fun and then you’ll forget that you’re working out.” Reebok will be donating up to $750,000 to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade through the sale of its Pink Ribbon line, which is on sale at DSW stores nationwide. If you'd like to help the cause, head to DSW's website and find a store near you. Now go get your pink on!