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#140Wednesdays: What Would You Give Up for a Good Night's Sleep?

Give up my guy for a few more winks? Now that you mention it...(Photo courtesy of Laura Doss)

Written by Deanna Cioppa, editorial intern

If you’re like a lot of Americans, you know the frustration and disruptive effects of a poor night’s sleep. Just why is it so many of us can’t get enough snooze time? Pfizer's Advil PM tried to answer that question recently through a phone survey of 1,000 Americans 18 years and older. While the average number of hours of sleep per night was nearly six and a half, 93 percent of respondents reported sleeplessness at one time or another (including trouble falling asleep and/or staying asleep).

The number one response to why people were not sleeping was aches and pains, clocking in at 69 percent of respondents. Family stressors came in at a close second, followed by work, environmental noise and the social life stressors.

If that sounds familiar, the next statistic might surprise you. When asked what they would give up to sleep better, a whopping 67 percent said they would give up one vacation day a year to get a more restful night’s sleep. A day at the beach is no day at the beach if you’re exhausted, after all. Additionally, 62 percent said they would give up a “lifestyle luxury” like cable TV, and 32 percent said they would give up a bonus or pay raise.

And, yes, we know what you’re thinking–applicants were asked if they’d give up one month of intimacy with their partner, and 34 percent answered in the affirmative.

We were dying to know what our Twitter followers thought of this, so we asked, what they would sacrifice for a good night's sleep. The responses were varied, but one thing is clear: A good night’s sleep is worth a lot!

@allievatcher: TV. Probably couldn't do without my social networks or a good book, but I could lose some of my TV shows and not be too sad.

@tanianlamprecht: Chocolate (Editor's note: Brave girl!)

@clairegettas: I gave up sugar almost one year ago and I sleep so much better now. Highly recommend it!

@AlyshaNorbury: My dog sleeping next to me.

Now Tell Us: What would you give up for a good night's sleep?

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