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Women Celebrate Life with LUNAFEST Film Festival


Have you ever felt the urge to watch a film that's all about women and everything we have to deal with simply because of our gender? The movies that are created by women, for women, sometimes know exactly how to tug at our heart strings and remind us that we're not the only ones going through something with major impact. And LUNAFEST wants to help remind women that those films are out there, ready to be watched.

In fact, if you're in San Francisco, you can start watching nine new films with these messages tonight at the 12th annual LUNAFEST kickoff event! LUNAFEST is a traveling film-festival that hosts award-winning short films created by, for and about women. This year's flicks center around hope, humor and reflection. Sound like your cup of tea, but you're not anywhere near San Francisco? That's OK! Women can host their own festival throughout October. And if you do, you'll get a double-dose of warm fuzzies: all events hosted throughout October help raise money and awareness for the Breast Cancer Fund.

If the urge strikes past October though, you haven't missed your opportunity. LUNAFEST travels to over 150 cities to raise funds for local non-profits. Do a good deed while watching an inspiring movie? Now that's a night we don't want to miss. Visit the LUNAFEST website for more information on where the festival will travel to and how you can get involved.


Samantha Lefave

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