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Sheryl Crow's Nutrition Mission to Help Feed America

Sheryl Crow kicks off the Nutrition Mission with One A Day® Women's in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Bayer)

It's not something that gets splashed all over the tabloids, but when she's not working or taking care of her kids, singer-songwriter, producer, and mom Sheryl Crow has been volunteering at food banks. "It was eye opening," she says. "It’s not just homeless people going there. It’s moms who need to feed their kids. But people don’t talk about it. They’re embarrassed." It was this realization that motivated Crow to work with Feeding America and One A Day's Nutrition Mission for Hunger Action Month. We got to talk to the star in Union Square in New York City, where Crow kicked off the charitable initiative, encouraging others to donate cans of food for the Food Bank for New York City.

More than 50 million people in America today need help getting food on the table, and like you said, it's not something we talk about everyday. How can other people across the country help?
You can go to to make a donation to Feeding America. Just one dollar can equal eight meals. You can donate a can of food to your food shelter. A can of beans or corn costs less than a dollar but it goes a long way. You can also volunteer your time at a food bank.

You and your kids must have a busy schedule. How do you make sure they eat healthy?
I’m like every other mom who has kids who’d rather eat mac and cheese and chicken fingers everyday. I try to feed them clean  foods that don’t have additives, and foods that are in season. I rely on Jessica Seinfeld’s method of hiding healthy food in dishes they like and I try to get them to try new things. Our rule is that you have to try everything on your plate.

What do you keep in your kitchen to make sure there's always something healthy to eat?
We eat a lot of quinoa. Kids like pasta, and quinoa is also a grain and has a lot of protein, so I know they’re getting something healthy.

What about you, when you're out with a busy day ahead, what do you have handy to snack on?
I eat a lot of cranberries and almonds. I also try to eat a lot of  fish to get omega-3s. You can take vitamins and supplements to get more nutrients, and you can get them from your food, too.

We're looking forward to your new projects coming out soon. Can you tell us more about them?
I have a record finished and hopefully it'll be out by next spring. I have a Broadway musical coming out with Barry Levinson called Diner. The Broadway thing came out of from left field. I’ve always wanted to work on a film, so this is kind of like that. Working on assignment has been interesting so I think I’d like to do more in the future.


Visit to help fight hunger or buy a bottle of One A Day Women's Multivitamins now until November 30th, and the brand will donate two meals, up to 2 million meals, to Feeding America.