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#140Wednesdays: Fall is Creeping Up on Us! What Are You Looking Forward to for the New Season?

Is it too early to start thinking about pumpkin carving? (Photo courtesy of Amy Haskell)

Written by Deanna Cioppa, editoral intern

After a humidity-stricken summer, we're welcoming fall with open arms this year, and it looks like our Twitter followers are too! Whether you're pumped for pumpkins (in all forms) or just a chance to sweat in cooler weather, the new season has a little something for everyone.

@LanePineapple: I'm excited for the end of deployment! USA!

@HipHipLaRae: Better running weather!

@KateSchlag: Pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread...and less humidity.

@MachineGun_Baby: Getting fit to wear sweater dresses!

Now you tell us: Why will you be happy to see fall?

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