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Meet Jillian Michaels and Other Fitness Pros at Sweat AC!

Next weekend I'll be in workout bliss at Sweat AC, a three-day festival on September 21 to 23 focusing on what's hot in fitness, nutrition and health at Caesar's Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City. What I love even more about this event, besides the celebrity trainers, wellness coaches and all-day workouts is that I'll be able to mingle with men, women and teens who are passionate about getting in shape and being healthy. Some of my best ideas happen when I'm, what I like to call, "out on the field" interacting with readers and seeing what people are raving about. If you want in on what's going to be an awesome event, check out to register. Workouts include Jillian Michaels' newest bootcamp class, BodyShred, which debuts this month at Crunch clubs nationwide, a Zumba dance party, a Brazilian Butt Lift session with the pro Leandro Carvalho, Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga with Sadie Nardini, a Warrior Workout with P90X star Tony Horton and a spinning class on the boardwalk with Full Throttle Cycling, among SO much more!

For some this may be your fitness trip of a lifetime, or the perfect way to kickstart that new healthy lifestyle you've always talked about, and this may even be your chance to test the waters and try the workouts you see on TV and read about in magazines. Class prices and healthy-living workshops range from $40 to $100, but it's sure to do a body (and mind) good so I hope to see you there!

Who hasn't missed her? Jillian Michaels is back! (Photo courtesy of Sweat AC)

I got to chat with uber-popular, and forever-our-favorite The Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels who will be at Sweat AC before she's off to whip a handful of new contestants into shape for season 14!

What was it about this type of event that made you want to get involved?
The concept is fresh, the people involved are the top of their game, and the location is a blast!

The world got the official news last week—you’re “officially” back on next seasons The Biggest Loser premiering in January. Just for the record, I’m beyond thrilled. The show was not the same without you! What sparked your decision to return to BL?
We've been talking on and off since I left, but I was very focused on taking a year off to be with my family.  Then the producers came to me and said look it's been a year, we are planning taking on the issue of childhood obesity and we'd love to have you on board.   Now being a mother of two and having been an overweight teen myself it's an issue that is especially close to my heart.  I've been working to fight childhood obesity in my work with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, NFL play  60, and the Clinton Global Initiative, but doing it with a platform like The Biggest Loser was extremely tempting.

Will you incorporate a lot of what you learned about being a new mom and ‘juggling it all’ into how you train and interact with your new contestants? (Congratulations on your beautiful kids by the way!)
I absolutely will. I'll teach parents how to lead by example and fit it all in and with the kids I'll be an empowering friend and coach.

Will we see the same Jillian that we already love, or are you returning to the show reinvented in any sort of way?
I can't say yet. I do what's in my heart and if I'm different I won't know until the situation or circumstance provokes me.

I also heard that next season will have a ‘teenage obesity awareness’ theme. Why do you think events like Sweat AC are important for the 13-17 year old age groups?
I think it's good for them to have a basic understanding of clean eating and also for them to see fitness as fun.

What’s your best advice to a teenager who isn’t involved in sports and is intimidated by working out?
Find an activity you love with a great teacher and a supportive group of classmates. It could be dance, martial arts, even horse back riding.  If the classmate part really bothers you do these activities as solo sports until you feel more comfortable.

Sweat AC involves a weekend away packed with workouts, but what do you do to stay in shape when you’re traveling the world? Any hotel room tricks you can share with my readers?
I'm big on body weight training.  I jump rope, do lunges and squats, push ups and pull ups.  All this stuff can be done anywhere for free.

What are some nutrition secrets you’ll be sharing with guests at Sweat AC? What’s your go-to meal and snack as a new mommy?
Tips and advice on clean eating (removing chemicals and crap from our foods) and managing calorie intake. My favorite snack these days are deviled eggs (with a little vegan mayo and mustard) when I'm good and popchips when I need a treat.

What are you most looking forward to in both your new projects?
Being around my peers and doing what I love to dokick people's butts.


Can't attend Sweat AC? Check out my Twitter feed @FITNESSjenna for live updates!