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U.S. Soccer Captain Christie Rampone's Post-Olympic Workout Plan

Rampone's fourth appearance in the Olympics is a record for a U.S. soccer player. (Photo courtesy of FRS)

U.S. Women's Olympic Soccer Captain Christie Rampone was no stranger to the Olympics this past summer. The team's victory marked her third gold medal in the sport, in addition to the slew of championships and awards she's racked up over the years. Now the busy mom of two is back home in New Jersey, and we got the chance to chat with her to see what life is like after London.

Congrats on your third Olympic gold medal! What was the first thing you did after the winning game?

After the gold medal match our team had a big celebration with family, friends and some of the U.S. Men's Basketball players. We danced and chatted until almost 5 a.m.! After the party, my teammates and I headed back to the Athlete's Village to get a couple hours of sleep before the media frenzy began.

Soccer is such an endurance sport. What did you eat and drink during the Games to keep your energy levels up?

I've been taking FRS Healthy Performance chews and drinks for a few years, regardless of if I'm training or not. Aside from that, my diet during competitions consists of a lot of pasta, chicken, strawberries, blueberries and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

Now that you're back home with your family, how will your diet and exercise routine change?

To start, I'm looking forward to healthier, home cooked meals since we spent a lot of time in hotels the past year. As for exercising, I won't focus on endurance training as much or even soccer. My focus will turn to yoga, cross training, kettlebell exercises and body weight exercises.

What are three tips you would give other busy moms on ways to squeeze in exercise during the day?

Work out before the kids are awake so you have your own time. If you can't do that, bring the kids with you. Go for a jog with a jogging stroller, or when they are old enough to ride bikes, have them ride and jog alongside of them. During naps, try to make exercising a priority, or if it helps, hire a babysitter for an hour so you can schedule some time to go get a sweat in.

What's next for your soccer career?

The U.S. Women's Soccer team has a 10-game victory tour that will be played all over the country, including matches with Germany, Australia and Costa Rica. Our team will visit Rochester, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Hartford and five other cities. After that, I'll sit down with the new coaches and talk about what's next!