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Fit Blogger We Love: Hungry Healthy Happy

Dannii began her transformation three years ago and is now in maintenance mode.

One of the best things about our digital age is how small it makes the world feel. Just a decade or two ago, it may have been tricky to connect with UK resident Dannii of Hungry Healthy Happy (requested by you, her fans, as an individual to feature on a previous Fit Blogger We Love post!). But when we reached out to her just days ago, we heard back within minutes. Awesome news for us, since we could hardly wait to hear how she was able to drop nearly 100 pounds!

Read on for success secrets from this clean eating fan who inspires readers worldwide.

My "I did it" moment: Winning the mental battle that comes along with losing weight. One day everything just “clicked.” I realized that eating didn't have to be a battle. I didn't have to deprive myself and I could still enjoy the foods I loved every now and then. Working out didn't have to be a chore, I just needed to find the workouts that I enjoyed and looked forward to doing. Of course there are still days when I don't want to get up at 6 a.m. to hit the gym and other days where I want to eat a giant pizza (I'm human), but giving myself permission to sometimes skip a workout and indulge in a pizza was pretty liberating. I have found balance, happiness and health, to me that means that "I did it."

My favorite fit snack: I am a big snacker—that is something that hasn't really changed since I have lost 98 pounds—but what I snack on has changed. I definitely have a sweet tooth, so I get creative in the kitchen and create healthy snacks that taste like chocolate cake, but don't come with all the calories, like these healthy chocolate fudgey brownies. You would never know they were healthy and only 135 calories a slice!

My favorite way to work out: I could never stick to the same workout day in day out as I would get bored and not stick to it. I recently started running (it is a bit of a love/hate relationship). It gives me such a clear head after and I definitely feel sore muscles the next day. But, equally, I love just turning up my favorite music and dancing round the house for an hour. For me, a workout has to be fun—otherwise I just won't want to do it.

On my fit life list:  A 10K. That might sound small to many of the amazing people out there that are regularly running marathons, but to me that will be HUGE and the only person I am competing with is my former self! From the girl who got out of breath getting up from a chair, being able to run a mile was something I never even dreamed would be possible, so finishing a 10K race will be a very special moment for me. I am currently training with my husband, but taking it very slowly. Being obese for so long means that my knees carried a lot of weight and I get knee problems very easily. I may be progressing slowly, but I am progressing and that is what is important.

My biggest motivator:
My health—and that is the reason why I lost weight in the first place. Sure, feeling great about the way I look is a very welcomed added bonus, but I was making myself ill with the things I was doing to my body a few years ago. Reminding myself of how it felt to live like that everyday and never wanting to go back is what motivates me to stay on track. Your health really has to be your biggest motivator. Without health, life is pretty tough.

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