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#140Wednesdays: Fill in the Blank: You Know You're a Runner When...

Ready, set, run! (Photo courtesy of Laura Doss)

Written by Deanna Cioppa, editorial intern

Whether you run 3 miles a day or 10, runners are one-of-a-kind. Not many other people would think it's acceptable to cover yourself in BodyGlide or compare blister sizes, but when it comes to the sport, not many topics are off the table. We checked in with our Twitter followers to see when they realized they had joined the club.

@WannaBHeathNut: People take one look at your calves and ask how often you run!

@KarenSmither: You have a knee injury. ;) (Editor's Note: Feel better!)

@zam8: You have 10 pairs of sneakers!

@MissColochita: You carry running shoes with you in your car.

Now tell us: You know you're a runner when _____

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