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Long and Lovely: An Update on Getting Hair Extensions

Me with my long hair!

It's been a little over a week since I got my Great Lengths extensions. My favorite part of this entire experience has been looping my hair into the perfect pony tail before my morning run. Having longer locks helps me feel girlie and sexy when I'm playing tennis or running. It's also been a fun week of playing dress up. The first couple of days I sported my natural curly texture, that made me feel very 80's hair-bandish so I wore tight skinny jeans and heavy-metal tees (prompting my hubby to say I looked like Tommy Lee--ahh what every girl wants to hear.) Then I decided that bangs could be a fun addition to the mix. With the bangs I have felt more girly, opting for skirts and ethnic-style linen tops in a muted palette. It is taking me longer to get ready and there were 2-3 days of adjustment, but overall I highly recommend the experience. I'm having fun changing up my look, hair first.

Tell us: Would you get hair extensions?