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Talking Battleship With Rihanna's Film Trainer

Rihanna and Carrizonsa, right, bonded between scenes. (Photo courtesy of Universal Studios Home Entertainment)

We know from Rihanna's music that she's "Hard," but even she needed a little help to look authentic as a fighter in the film Battleship (out on DVD today). Director Peter Berg put out as "SOS" (OK, enough with the song title references!) to US Navy officer Jacqueline Carrizosa to show Rihanna the military ropes. After spotting Carrizosa on the soccer field before her deployment, Berg called her superiors and arranged for Carrizosa to return to the states to help out on the Battleship set. She is more than a weapons expert, though: Carrizosa is an avid runner, diver, swimmer and skateboarder.

So what was it like to work with the R&B star on her film debut? Carrizosa spills:

  • She can sing, dance and act, but Rihanna can't do everything. "Rihanna sucks at playing soccer!" Carrizosa says. In a scene where her character is supposed to play, Carrizosa almost stood in for Rihanna, but Berg decided it would take too much editing to make the women look similar. Rihanna's outfit in that scene did resemble Carrizosa's look when Berg first spotted her on the field, though.
  • The pair stayed active off set too. "We went hiking with Taylor Kitsch and Brooklyn Decker, and I got them all to jump off a cliff into the water below," Carrizosa says.
  • Things did get serious during filming. "I stood on set from sunrise to sunset to make sure that everything was safe and looked authentic," she says. Gun safety was of utmost importance, so they trained for about four weeks. By the end, Carrizosa remembers, "Rihanna was saying, 'I can see why you love this stuff!' It was pretty rad."
  • The end result earned Carrizosa's stamp of approval. When she went to see the finished movie with a group, "My friends laughed so hard and said, 'Dude, that's you!' when they showed Rihanna," Carrizosa says. "My favorite part, though, was when the veterans came out. That gave me chills and it made me remember how neat it was to meet those Pearl Harbor veterans in person during filming."

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