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Victoria Azarenka Talks That U.S. Open Talk


Written by Lauren Cardarelli, Freelance Editorial Assistant The U.S. Open begins on Monday and we were rally—really—excited to chat with the top seed for the women’s tournament, Victoria “Vika” Azarenka. Here’s what we learned about the 23-year-old reigning Australian Open champion, her pre-match rituals and more.  

Ritual for Return Aces. Athletes have all kinds of crazy pre-game routines they follow to get the ball rolling for the competition. Although Vika isn’t nearly as superstitious as her rival Serena Williams, she does like to shake her hips and dance during warm-up with an amped playlist. Her go-to beat? “Talk That Talk” by Rihanna.

Beat the Sun. Sun exposure on the court can be rough on both your game and skin. Vika’s gym bag essentials include a hat and a bottle of SPF to keep her glowing complexion protected from any damage.

Fashion-Forward. Vika has an eye for style, staying fashionable both on and off the court. Bright, bold colors, courtesy of Nike’s constantly changing collections, keeps Vika’s wardrobe fresh and trendy. She can often be found sporting a pair of Nike tights, like our favorite Relay Print Running Capris seen here.

Fit Travels. Keeping up with your workout regimen on the road can be tough but this tennis pro doesn’t mind it one bit. Vika embraces shaping up outdoors since they are “both mentally and physically stimulating.” For a quick but effective sweat sesh, she enjoys circuit training and runs since, “you can run anywhere.”

Match-Worthy Fuel. The Belarus-native tries to keep it light before a big game, opting for lean proteins like fish or chicken, tons of veggies and carbs like rice or sweet potatoes to give her the power to return whatever  shot that comes her way. Receive updates on all the action with the official My US Open iPhone and Android app presented by American Express. The app offers fans an interactive map, American Express Radio Live feed and a personalized itinerary so no point is missed at home or on-the-go!