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The Healthy Eating Tips Jillian Michaels Is Teaching Her Kids

Jillian makes meals with her kids, which include lots of veggies from their garden! (Photo courtesy of popchips)

It seems since stepping down from The Biggest Loser in 2011 life has gotten even busier for star trainer Jillian Michaels if possible. Aside from numerous TV appearances, her latest DVD Body Revolution and many other projects, she's also been expanding her family as well! In just one month, Michaels and her partner Hilary Rhoades adopted their daughter Lukensia, from Haiti and gave birth to their son, Phoenix. We got the chance to catch up with the new mom on behalf of popchips to see how she's teaching her kids healthy eating practices and how she fits in a good workout these days!

Congrats on the new additions to your family! What are some healthy eating tips you're trying to incorporate into your kids' lives?

Since the kids are so young (Lukensia is 2 and Phoenix is 3 months old) it is incredibly important that we develop healthy eating habits for them now. Whenever possible, I prefer to make their food myself, so I know exactly what they are eating. As a rule of thumb, I like to suggest to parents to use fruits and vegetables with bright colors, they are the ones with the most nutrients. Having meals at a set time helps establish a routine, making sure both kids are hydrated without resorting to sugary drinks. I also try to feed them organic foods as often as possible. Pesticides and other chemicals are pure poison to their little bodies and need to be avoided.

There are a lot of misleading labels in supermarkets. What are some things parents should look out for when food shopping?

Hidden sugars! For example, most parents think buying their children fruit juice is a healthy option since it's high in vitamin C, however it can also be full of sugar. A healthy alternative is to just add a few splashes of 100 percent fruit juice to water. Obviously I tell people to avoid soda as well since it's packed with artificial sweeteners and sugar, so don't even bring it in the house!

Another thing to watch out for is anything with hydrogenated oil (aka trans fat). A personal favorite of mine is tortilla chips, which is why I switched to tortilla popchips, they are delicious and don't contain any MSG or preservatives.

What are your top three tips for parents trying to establish a healthy eating routine at home?

1. Get kids involved in their nutrition. Make meals together and get them excited about trying new dishes.

2. Grow fresh vegetables in your garden (if possible). Try to incorporate at least three in every meal.

3. Make healthy eating fun–come up with recipes that are healthier options on family favorites like pizza, pasta, etc.

How do you fit in exercise now with two kids? Has your routine changed at all due to time constraints?

It can be a bit hectic with two kids, but I always remind myself that it is crucial for me to get a workout in because it helps keep me balanced. Plus, I want to be healthy for them and set a good example in their own lives. I do my best to really maximize the time I do have to work out with hard, efficient exercises that get results fast. And I do what I can to include the kids. We often go hiking with them, play on the beach or take them out in the stroller for a jog.

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