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The Story Behind Mom Makeover Machine Tonique Fitness Method

Tonique helped another client, Pamela (left, with Wiesenberg) lose 35 pounds. (Photo courtesy of Sylwia Wiesenberg)

In our July/August issue, we shared Weng Funn Chen’s amazing Fitness Fix story, highlighting her journey to gain energy and find more balance in her hectic life as a mom. One key to her success: A strong relationship with her motivating trainer, Sylwia Wiesenberg, who also happened to be a neighbor. There’s no slacking off when your trainer might catch you walking from the convenience store with a pint of ice cream! When Chen had so much success following Wiesenberg’s signature Tonique Fitness method, we wanted to learn more about it. Here are three tips from Weisenberg so you can try out Tonique (a name that is a mash-up of toning and unique) at home.

Take the first step. Wiesenberg isn’t picky about how you get moving at first, she just wants you to start. “It’s less important what you do, as long as you move,” she says. Something like climbing the stairs to your office or to your apartment, like Chen did, can make a big impact.

Don’t forget about your behind. “I love squats and lunges, plenty of them, and in every direction. By building strong glutes you’re building a strong core, which can help you run and bike faster and push yourself harder at the gym,” Wiesenberg says. She prefers doing high repetitions with body weight to build endurance, strength and balance. Click here to learn how to try three of her favorite lower body moves that helped Chen score a stronger backside!

Build on a good thing. One of Wiesenberg’s goals is to motivate her clients to try new activities, whether that means running a race or going for a hike. “I want them to get inspired to add new sports and fitness methods beyond Tonique—my goal is to help them want to move,” she says. “Once you experience the unique feeling of truly being fit, you will never want to go back to where you came from.” Find out more about Tonique at and find YouTube videos of signature moves at And stay tuned: Expect two new DVDs this fall, plus, Wiesenberg has a book and a TV show in the works!

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