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#140Wednesday: If You Could Only Use One Machine at the Gym for the Rest of Your Life, What Would It Be?


We know, you love the weight bench, but you have to share! (Photo courtesy of Jay Sullivan)


Written by Lisa Turner, editorial intern

If you’re anything like our Twitter followers, you probably show a lot of devotion to your favorite gym equipment. (Admit it–you've been one of those people waiting in line just to use a treadmill. And it wasn't raining outside.) While love for the treadmill did come out on top, the elliptical ran a close second. We even got a celeb tweet this week (!) from Olympic medalist Apolo Ohno (follow him @apoloohno!), who gave a shout out to the adjustable bench at his gym.

Read below to see what others claim as their gym BFFs and then post your pick in the comments. And remember–try to mix it up as often as you can. Sure, you won’t be able to rest easy in the comfort of the treadmill and some bad reality TV, but it’s a great way to challenge your body and get the results you want.

@MichMich0404: A flat bench! It works your arms, chest, abs and legs from every angle!

@MoxieBombshell: The hot tub! (Editor's note: Your gym has a hot tub?! Can we borrow a guest pass?)

@AlwaysBKind13: Definitely the spin bike!

@LucasHugh: A Pilates Reformer!

@summergrl375: I would choose the treadmill without a doubt. #workit