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Music Monday: Tunes to Rock That Downward Dog

Rock songs aren't just for cardio-heavy workouts. (Photo by Dorit Thies)


Written by Laura Cofsky, editorial intern

One of the best parts of yoga is moving to the hypnotic music that pulses through every stretch. But sometimes the more traditional yoga songs may not be as effective as modern rock beats when it comes to finding inner tranquility. Wait, what did we just say? That’s right, rock music might help you chill out, if that's the genre you typically prefer. Studies show that self-selected music often does the best job of calming someone down after a stressful period. For those who want a slightly heavier beat during their next om session, we’ve whipped up a playlist featuring some of the best in the genre, bringing you one step closer to pure relaxation. Rock on!

Now you tell us: Would you want to hear rock songs during yoga?