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Hot Topic Tuesday: OMG! What's the Wildest Diet You've Tried?

The author of Six Weeks to OMG says carbs from any form—from chips to carrots—are equal. (Photo by Bryan McCay)

Although it was originally released in the UK, the weight-loss book Six Weeks to OMG: Get Skinnier Than All Your Friends is making waves worldwide. That's most likely due to the "unconventional" diet tips including taking a cool bath and skipping breakfast (something you'd never see happen at the FITNESS offices!) to hypothetically increase metabolism. The author, a celebrity trainer who wrote the book using a pseudonym, also suggests blowing balloons to work your ab muscles in a different way.

Many of us have been found guilty of certain diet crimes while trying to lose weight. But some of the information in this book—like the author's claim that it doesn't matter if you get your carbohydrates from broccoli or a can of soda—have us thinking "OMG!" Critics have also slammed the book for targeting teenage girls, potentially putting them at risk for a dangerous weight-loss competition with their pals (see the subtitle).

Some aspects of the plan dietitians might agree with, like the suggestions to watch your sugar intake and drink black coffee, in moderation. Yet many Six Weeks tactics seem to be more of a "quick fix" than a sustainable health program.

Now tell us: What's the wildest diet you've tried? And what does a healthy, sustainable diet look like for you?

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