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Kerri Walsh's Top 3 Toning Moves to Get the Gold

Those abs are definitely ready to bump, set and spike. (Photo courtesy of Antoine Verglas)

There's no denying it–Kerri Walsh hates to lose. And though she has been pretty successful on the sand in the past, she's not taking any chances at the Olympics in London later this week. Below, Walsh teamed up with 24 Hour Fitness to share her favorite exercises that work for everyone, whether you're an athlete or a busy mom. And she would know–she's both!  Try these moves this week in your routine to get a gold medal body of your very own. In this workout you'll find:

  • Dead Leg Lifts: For lower body stabilization and endurance.
  • Side Planks: For core and shoulder stability.
  • Trunk Rotations: For abs and obliques.