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3 Exercises to Train Like You're in London

Adding resistance to your moves increases your endurance and builds overall strength. (Photo courtesy of Jay Sullivan)

You don't have to be in the Athlete's Village to exercise like the Olympians this summer; you can get the same results right in your own gym! Last week we got the chance to chat with trainer Josh Holland, who will be traveling to London as the only American trainer on behalf of TechnoGym, which will be supplying all the Olympic workout facilities with gym equipment.

Though Holland won't be training individual athletes (as they have their own personal trainers), he'll be on site showing them how to use the TechnoGym equipment to get the most out of it for their sport. Below, Holland demonstrates three exercises you can do on the Kinesis Personal system. Try these on your own with your gym's cable cross machine to improve your form in running, swimming and basketball.

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