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#140Wednesdays: What Do You Look For in a Swimsuit?

Need to secure the girls? Skip triangle tops. They lack support and make you look bustier. (Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Westbrook)

Written by Lisa Turner, editorial intern

The heat waves this summer have definitely been kind of a bummer, but it does mean one thing–plenty of time to spend on the beach! You've worked your butt off (literally) all year long and now is the perfect time to show off your hard work. Check out our ultimate swimsuit guide to find the perfect piece for your body type, plus some tips to instantly slim down. In the meantime, see what our Twitter followers look for when they're out shopping for a new suit.

@stuftmama: Good padding in the top!

@lov513: Fit and support.

@erinmoone: A really awesome cover-up.

Now tell us: What's your favorite swimsuit style?

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