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Hot Topic Tuesday: Do You Sit Too Much?

Just a typical day at the office. (Photo by Sara Forrest)

You might not want to sit down for this. Researchers found that too much sitting can lead to a shorter life. OK, so you probably already know that being more active is better for you, but this study found that even if you get the 150 hours a week of recommended activity, the rest of the time that you spend on your tush could still count against you. Researchers also concluded that sitting less than three hours a day would lead to a gain in living two years longer.

We know, "sitting less" is easier said than done when you have a desk job, and not all of us can get treadmill desks. To add more movement to our daily work routine, we've tried sneaking in a workout at lunch, standing at meetings and conference calls and covertly doing some moves in our cubicles. Yet we still need to sit down to get most of our work done. Guess we'll just have to make up for our 9-5 desk jobs by moving around the rest of the day. Thank goodness for TVs on exercise machines at the gym!

Now tell us: Would you be able to cut your sitting time to three hours a day? How?