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Featured Fitterati: Inspirational Blog Ali on the Run

Ali writes about her racing adventures, love for leg warmers and more.

This week, the spotlight is on the Best Inspirational Blogs!

Alison Feller 27, New York City

This marathoner and fitness fan is gearing up to rock the New York City Marathon this year and is ready to take you along for the ride! Her site, Ali on the Run, inspires us to get moving as well. Ali's energy and positivity is infectious, and her discussions about Crohn's disease (an inflammatory bowel condition she was diagnosed with at age 7) are honest and educational.

My Motivation Secret “When I work out, I sweat. When I sweat, I feel happy. When was the last time you went to a great indoor cycling class and said, ‘Man, I wish I hadn’t done that?’ Right, never.”

Go-to Breakfast “One-Minute Quaker Oats are so easy to throw on the stove to prepare. I add cinnamon and a few—OK, a handful—of semi-sweet chocolate chips.”

My Home Gym Star “I can’t live without my beloved foam roller. I use it at least twice a day to ease my sore, bratty muscles.”