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Stay Hydrated This Summer While Showing Your Patriotic Pride

The bobble USA is made from recycled materials and is BPA-free. (photo courtesy of bobble)

We're in for another heat wave this week in the East Coast, so we're making sure to get plenty of water especially before, after and during our workouts. Having a reusable water bottle wherever we go makes this easy, so we were psyched to hear that bobble, the company behind the water bottle with a built-in filter, has launched a new design just in time for the Fourth of July and the upcoming summer Olympics!

The 18.5 oz. bobbleUSA rocks the red, white and blue of the American flag so you can carry it to your next barbecue, weekend getaway and while you watch your favorite Olympic sport this month. You'll save money on buying bottled water and save the planet, too--each filter uses up the equivalent of 300 single servings. This limited edition design is available this summer for $12 at

Tell us: How are you staying hydrated this summer?