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Featured Fitterati: Healthy Living Blog Healthy Tipping Point

Caitlin loves setting goals, big and small, to get where she wants to be.

Each Tuesday, we’re highlighting one category of winners from our Fitterati Blogger Awards! This week we're learning the tricks of the trade from our fave healthy living bloggers. 

Caitlin Boyle

  • 28, Charlotte, North Carolina

Caitlin lives the philosophy that "small efforts add up to make a big difference," and she details those efforts three times a day over on her blog, Healthy Tipping Point. As the founder of Operation Beautiful, a self-esteem movement for young girls taking over the world by Post-Its, we're confident this new mom will pass on super confidence skills to her son, Henry.

Goal Getter "I think about why I want to accomplish a certain goal. Choosing long-term, realistic goals that are health-focused, rather than appearance-based, keep me motivated. Looking hot and feeling sexy is great, but nothing beats being confident and truly happy."

Get-Fit Mantra "I love this John Bingham quote: 'The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.'"

Sweat Solution "I have to mix it up - I get so bored doing the same thing over and over again! My weekly workouts include a little pool and sidewalk time; getting outside feels so refreshing."


Samantha Lefave

Samantha is a writer who is living, eating and sweating her way through NYC. You can find her running half-marathons like it's her job, Instagramming her favorite food and fitness finds or, let's be honest, eating peanut butter straight from the jar.

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