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FITNESS Celeb Fan: Bewitched and Tropic Thunder Actress Valerie Azlynn

(Photo by Marc Cartwright)

Actress Valerie Azlynn, who appears in the new TBS comedy Sullivan & Son premiering July 18, doesn't rely on trainers to stay fit. With her "weird hours" on set (you may have also seen in the movies Bewitched and Tropic Thunder) it can be tough to schedule a training session, so she is constantly on the hunt for gym inspiration to stay motivated. In fact, Azlynn considers FITNESS to be the perfect tool to keep her workouts fun and fresh.

"I tear out pages from magazines so I can do the workouts in the gym. Right now, I have a hot pink binder full of FITNESS magazine stuff," Azlynn told us when she visited our office recently. "I flip it open for new ideas to constantly change up my workout. It makes such a difference to mix it up!"

Azlynn admits that she occasionally gets odd looks from strangers, but to her, it's worth it. "If they're talking about me, maybe they're just jealous of my fun moves!"

Azlynn adds new workouts from every issue—including this one from June. (Photo courtesy of Valerie Azlynn)

Need some new ideas to mix up your routine? Print out, bookmark or Pin a few of our current favorites!

Health is particularly important to Azlynn, as she had open heart surgery as a kid to repair a defect that she was born with. She uses this to fuel her healthy choices (which include a daily green smoothie with kale, lettuce, banana, raspberry, pear and peanut butter), yet she still keeps things light around the topic.

"I bought a butcher knife pendant for my necklace," the funny actress says. "If you can't laugh about it, what's the point?"

Now tell us: How do you keep your workout routine from getting stale?