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#140Wednesdays: What's Your Favorite Healthy Smoothie Recipe?

Don't forget about portion control! (Photo courtesy Peter Ardito)

Written by Lisa Turner, editorial intern When the weather heats up, there’s nothing more refreshing than a smoothie on the go. Plus they’re so easy–just toss in your favorite healthy ingredients in a blender and go! We’re always looking for new recipes to mix up our breakfast and snack routine up, so we polled our Twitter followers to see which smoothies they love the most. Check out some of the creative ideas we got and try them out next time you’re craving a cool snack.


Fresh strawberries, a tablespoon of orange juice, cranberry juice and two scoops protein mix on ice. Refreshing and tasty! 

@DeBelle77: Strawberries, a little orange juice and some honey.

@_ChristineD_: Right now it's almond milk, half a frozen banana, unflavored protein powder, ground oatmeal, and chocolate PB2. Try it!

@MyLastBite: Apple, banana, blueberries and cucumber kale!

Now tell us: What's in your favorite smoothie recipe?