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4 Summer Pitfalls That Lead to Weight Gain

Step away from the split! (Photo courtesy Peter Ardito)

Spending time outside this summer is sure to boost your mood, but don't let the choices you make affect your waistline. Prevent weight gain this season by avoiding these common pitfalls.

Cooling Off With a Frozen Treat
Issue: Ice cream is definitely one way to celebrate summer, but since this treat packs tons of calories in a tiny serving, hitting your local ice cream parlor too often can also pack on the pounds. Frozen yogurt may be a healthier option since it's lower in fat and calories, but it still contains calories, especially if you load up on tons of toppings and go a little crazy with portions at self-serve shops.

Solution: It's OK to indulge in ice cream every so often, just be sure it's a reasonable portion and not an entire pint. And if you go for lower-cal fro yo, don't choose larger servings just because you think it's good for you — you could end up downing the same amount of calories you would have if you chose a real ice cream cone instead! Be mindful of the toppings you choose and how many, knowing nuts, chocolate, and candies add on the most calories. If you're really watching your weight, skip the creamy treats and whip up these refreshing and healthy homemade frozen treats.

Swapping Intensity For Scenery
Issue: Warmer weather inspires many of us to slip on lightweight tanks and take our workouts outside, but this can sometimes mean a more leisurely, gawk-at-the-gorgeous-scenery walk rather than the intense, kick-your-butt routine.

Solution: If you prefer exercising in the fresh air during the warmer months, just be sure your workouts maintain the same intensity as the ones you do at the gym. If you normally take a 400-calorie-burning indoor cycling class, when you hop on your bike outside, incorporate hills and intervals, and be sure your pace and the duration of your workout are comparable to the one you're used to inside.

Continue reading for other summer mistakes that can lead to weight gain.

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