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#140Wednesdays: What Sport Or Skill Did Your Dad Teach You?

Looks like all those weekend catches outside payed off. (Photo courtesy of Denise Crew)

Written by Lisa Turner, editorial intern Nothing against Mom, but sometimes dads can show us how to do a lot of stuff that they might forget. They share their knowledge about baseball statistics, the proper way to sweep the patio and how to perfect a potato pancake (my father's specialty!). But dads do a lot more than just teach us how to compete with the boys–they protect us from the bad guys, set a good example and build us up to be the great women we are today. In honor of Father’s Day this Sunday, we asked our Twitter followers what sport or skill their dads taught them.

@she_is_geeky: My father taught me how to properly use a credit card: Pay off the balance every month and only spend what you can pay for.

@UBTiffany: Several sports and perseverance!

@RxBethOnTheRun: My dad taught me how to throw a football! A mean spiral and NOT like a girl!

@ehaley68: Ice-skating! He even built us a rink in the backyard.

@jaredrose0331: To never quit.

@ElizabethAFloyd: My dad used to bike to work, now I do too. It's not a "sport" but he set a good example for my brother and I.

@ChristieGriffin: Mine taught me my first karate move...a judo leg sweep! Then my Mom insisted I show her it. Sorry, Mom!

Now tell us: What has your dad taught you?