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Sportscaster Angela Sun Shares Her Fitness Favorites

Sun loves to hit the waves with her surfboard for a mental and physical workout - double win! (Photo courtesy of Angela Sun).

Written by Andie Surget, editorial intern

As host of the Yahoo! Sports Minute, co-host of NBC’s American Ninja Warrior and an anchor for the Tennis Channel, Angela Sun has one full plate. Her fearless and adventurous attitude toward life motivates her to explore and travel all around the globe in exotic locations such as China, the Philippines, Australia and Guatemala, just to name a few. In fact, when we caught up with her, she had just returned from Fiji! Angela loves fitness and it’s clear that it’s about more than working out – it’s a way of life. Keep reading for Sun’s essential workout gear picks and the fitness moves that keep her in shape for her on-the-go lifestyle!

When did your love for sports and fitness begin? How did you get involved in the entertainment industry? Growing up I had always loved sports and fitness. It was a way of life. I always went to the beach and to the park. I loved playing volleyball, basketball and softball as a kid, and skateboarding and surfing in high school. I was surrounded by sports all my life. I knew I always wanted to do something in the media. As an Asian American female, I did not have many female role models to look up to. So I decided that I wanted to see somebody who looked like me succeed in this industry. I’ve known what I wanted to do since I was 12. I always loved being in front of the camera. I love home videos on family vacation!

You’re currently producing a documentary. Can you tell us about it? My documentary is a seven-year journey. The documentary is called “Plastic Paradise.” Through my love of the oceans (I surf, scuba dive, and snorkel), it is very important to me to keep the waters clean, and that’s what this is about. The plastic that we throw away, I had to know more about it so I can prevent it and inform people about the harmful effects it has on our environment. It will be released this year. To learn more, you can visit

Tell us about your role on America’s Ninja Warrior. What do you like about the show? I am the reporter on the show. I love that it’s about an “Any Man Sport” because anyone can try out for it. It’s the world’s toughest obstacle course – about 2,700 people have tried out; three people in 27 seasons (of the Japanese version of Ninja Warrior) have completed the course. We are still on the search for the first American Ninja Warrior. The show is like an analogy of life; it prepares people for life’s challenges by physically overcoming obstacles. It’s amazing to see the camaraderie and the competitive spirit, as well as the encouragement!

Who would you want to portray you in a movie? I would want to portray myself! I’m kind of in a unique position - not that many people do what I do for a living.

If you could train with any celebrity or athlete who would it be? That’s a very hard question because there are so many great athletes. I would want to train with an athlete, like an Olympian, because they’re legends in their sport, which is so much more inspiring to me. It would be amazing to workout right next to them. Maybe someone like Michael Phelps, Kerri Walsh or Usain Bolt. I would love to train with big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton.

What is your favorite sport or fitness activity and why? Surfing - it gets me out in the ocean and clears my head. It’s my way to reset and it’s a great workout! I train in the gym and do a lot plyometrics, box jumps and working with the balls. I really like working on balance and agility. Pushing myself; pushing physical limits, I really enjoy that.

You’re always traveling around the globe, so what are your must-haves fitness items in your traveling bag? Do you travel with any fitness gear? I travel with my running shoes. Upon arrival, I put on my running shoes for a five- kilometer (3.1 miles) run around the city. Running is my favorite way to discover and explore someplace new! I travel with sliders too, so I can workout in my room to do lunges and core work. They pack very easily in my suitcase, so I always bring them on trips.

What was your most thrilling adventure? Why? I have had so many thrilling adventures. I just got back from Fiji yesterday and I got to dive with 20 bull sharks in the Beqa Lagoon! To be able to be around 13-foot sharks without a cage is literally being out in the wilderness! I love the thrill and excitement.

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