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How Cyclist Evelyn Stevens Went From Wall Street to Olympic Hopeful

Stevens is planning to train at altitude for the month or so prior to the Games. (Photo courtesy of BMW Performance Team)

Some athletes aim for sports glory from a young age. Cyclist Evelyn Stevens is not one of them. In 2007, when she was seeking a casual way to stay fit as a Wall Street associate, Stevens discovered—and fell in love with—cycling. Within three years, she was racing on one of the best female teams in the world and had finished first at the U.S. National Time Trial. This year, as Stevens is gearing up for London, she was voted onto the BMW Performance Team, which helps Olympic and Paralympic athletes focus on making the team and reaching their goals. "It’s allowed me to continue to focus on making the Olympic Games, but also because it shows I have fan support," Stevens says. In her own words, here's how Stevens made the transition from trading to training in one year flat.

  • "When I first started biking in June 2008, I absolutely fell in love with it. I found it to be the most freeing activity, plus it got you fit very quickly! A year after I bought my first bike, I decided to take a big risk and make a big change by following my heart, passion and dreams."
  • "I am fueled by challenges and immediately I was driven to become the best cyclist I could become, I didn't know if that would just be at the amateur level or at the professional level, I just knew I wanted to push my limits"
  • "I will always remember my first 10-day stage race in May of 2010, as my body was suffering, I couldn't help but think that only a year ago I was spending my day in front of a computer, instead of racing up mountains in the Pyrenees!"
  • "In order to thrive in cycling and in finance, you have to be driven and competitive. You have to be able to work well with a team and in stressful environments. Also, attention to detail is hugely important in cycling as it was during my career in finance—all of the small things make a big difference."
  • "I love my Specialized Amira SL4 road bike, and a comfortable saddle pair of shorts are an absolute must. If you are just getting into riding, definitely take the time to find a saddle that is comfortable and don't be afraid to try out a variety of different ones in a shop. And I never get on my bike without my helmet."

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