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A Get-Zen Getaway: The Sanctuary at Two Rivers

A yogi's dream treehouse. (Photo courtesy of The Sancutary at Two Rivers)

While doing some research for our fit honeymoon destination guide, two thoughts crossed my mind. First, I need more vacation time. Second, do I really have to wait to get hitched to go check these places out? (And to answer that, no you don't! All of our picks can be enjoyed solo or with someone.) So when I came across The Sanctuary at Two Rivers, the latest natural wellness and yoga retreat in Costa Rica I had to know about the exclusive spot coined the "Jungle Gym." Founded by former Entourage star Perrey Reeves, who played Mrs. Ari Gold on the show was even more incentive, have you seen her physique? Read below to see why she started the retreat and her own diet and fitness rules.

What made you decide to open The Sanctuary at Two Rivers? Spending most of my life outdoors, nature has always been really important to me. To be blessed and able to maintain that in my life as an adult as well as share it with others is very rewarding. As a working actress I need to retreat occasionally in order to cultivate calmness and gather energy. This is the perfect place to do just that.

As an actress, you've been to your fair share of resorts and retreat locations. What did you want The Sanctuary at Two Rivers to do differently than other destinations? The Sanctuary at Two Rivers is a private eco-estate designed specifically for yoga, health and wellness. Although it is comprised of 40 acres, there was a specific intention to design it to cater to smaller, intimate groups (only 14 guests are on the property at one time). This allows for a better teacher-to-student ratio and has less impact on the environment, producing a carbon-neutral experience. The Sanctuary also serves only gourmet vegetarian and vegan cuisine made from local, organic produce. It was important to me to show that a vegetarian diet can be a culinary art form, taste wonderful, and benefit the whole body-mind-spirit complex. I've been a vegetarian for years, I feel it is the healthiest diet for my constitution and the most positive for the environment. It's really a form of environmental activism.

The retreat offers an extensive yoga program. Do you do yoga yourself? Yes! I was lucky enough to have a friend introduce me to yoga 20 years ago, and now I practice it daily. It's definitely a lifestyle for me, not a fad.

Aside from yoga, what does your average workout look like? It varies pretty much every day. This morning I did a circuit of stairs and brisk walking for 25 minutes around my neighborhood. I followed that with a 45-minute yoga practice that included various stretches, strengthening poses and asanas.

What's the top diet tip you've picked up from working with nutritionists in your job and starting this retreat? Always eat breakfast!

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