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#140Wednesdays: What's Your Favorite Way to Cool Off In the Summer?

Make sure to hydrate enough before your workout, so you're not playing catch-up during. (Photo courtesy of Laura Doss)

It's not even the official start to summer yet, but if you walk outside it sure feels like it. Humidity, 90-degree days and sudden hazy storms have catapulted us right into summer mode. This week we want to know your favorite way to cool down when just walking to the car can make you break a sweat. Snag one of these tips from our Twitter followers to help you chill out all season.

@netty_lang: I love the feeling of a cold shower! [Editor's note: Taking a cold shower can help boost your metabolism and make your hair healthier! Makes it worth a few moments of yelping in the stall, doesn't it?]

@CourtneyAnne36: Running through sprinklers and playing with the hose, who says they're just for kids?

@SweetToothCourt: I love a cold creamy spinach smoothie!

@RxBethOnTheRun: Watermelon, a crisp, cold glass of wine and jumping in my parent's pool after hot, sweaty run (my favorite)!

@HHHealth_H3: We cool off with a little Aqua Zumba on a warm day!

@cupcakekellys: Lots of water, watermelon and swimming.

Now tell us: What's your favorite way to beat the heat?

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