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What's New With Our Favorite Trainer, Bob Harper

Me, Hannah Curlee, Bob Harper and Olivia Ward at Bob's book launch party for The Skinny Rules!

Usually I give you all a sneak peek into the trainers' lives who create our popular Express workouts, however, this man really needs no introduction. But so many things are happening for our favorite TV and all-time trainer, Bob Harper, that I had to fill you in on some of his latest projects!

Bob's first book, The Skinny Rules, was released this month (it's already a New York Times bestseller!), he's got a line of supplements called Smart Success on the market, and his new interactive website, powered by Watch It Now Entertainment, is a totally cool online fitness club that anyone can be a part of. The website is the closest you'll get to working out with Bob himself, without taking a trip to the ranch. You'll also get daily videos of Bob leading workouts, giving cooking demos and providing you with motivational tips so you're inspired to stay on track. Plus, the thinking is done for you—get new workouts to try everyday, three circuit exercises to incorporate into your routine each week and a group fitness class to join to get your social fix from. Of course, you'll find a place to track your weight-loss progress, food journal and workouts as well as chat with other members (and other Bob-fanatics too). It's only $9.95 a month, and compared to other weight-loss clubs, this one is truly a deal. And let's be serious, part of the reason we couch-potato it up every Tuesday night is to see Bob make others sweat on national TV, so why not indulge every single day?

Check out my one-on-one with our beloved renaissance man, Bob Harper and see what he had to say about our 20th anniversary issue!

I love that Ben Ward, husband to Olivia Ward season 11 winner of The Biggest Loser, was part of the reason you were inspired you to write your book, The Skinny Rules. He said he followed you on Twitter and from that guidance he was able to lose 100 pounds before Olivia came home. That's amazing! [Check out Bob's article "Eat What I Tweet!" HERE.] Do you have one rule that you make sure you never break to stay in shape?

I wanted to give people what I have been doing with my contestants on The Biggest Loser for a long time and that is a set of rules that they could live by that was going to give them the results that they wanted.  I think the number one rule that you make sure you never break is to NOT DRINK YOUR CALORIES. All those sugary sodas, coffee drinks, and smoothies add up to a lot of calories and sugar. I would rather eat all my calories.

We know that you recently began a CrossFit regimen. Can you tell us more about what inspired you to start and why you enjoy it?

I'm obsessed with Crossfit.  [Editor's note: Yes, he is. At Bob's book launch party he told me repeatedly, "CrossFit is where it's at! It's the only way!"] I was looking for a workout that was efficient and effective and Crossfit just made sense.  I love how challenging it is and afterwards, I feel like I can conquer the world. The Crossfit community was also a big draw. I love being around people that are just as obsessed with a healthy lifestyle like I am. It just keeps me going and wanting more.

Your workout appeared in our 20th anniversary issue and we’ve been having fun looking back at some of the health and fitness icons over the years. Who inspired you to work in the fitness industry and how did they do so?

I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years now and have been inspired by so many people starting with Jack LaLane. That man was a true pioneer. Joe Weider is also a man devoted to this lifestyle. Recently I have been greatly inspired by Greg Glassman, the creator of Crossfit. I believe that he has changed the landscape of fitness and in this day and age, that is a huge accomplishment.

Which of the moves in the May 2012 workout "Blast Fat Fast" is your favorite and why? [Check out this workout HERE.]

I really like the Jump 180. It is a huge fat burner because any time you propel your body off the ground, you are working your muscles in a great way and the fat will melt off your body.

Do you have any tips for our readers or suggestions of what they need to keep in mind while doing the workout as a whole or any of the specific moves?

I think that when doing these or any exercises, form is key so make sure that you are doing the moves correctly and efficiently. Remember, Rome wasn't built in one day and it's going to take time to master these exercises.

Is there anything else you think we should know?

Exercise should be fun so have fun with this workout…..that's an ORDER!!!

Since The Biggest Loser won't return until a full year from now, get your Bob Harper fix other ways. Follow his tweets at @MyTrainerBob and check out his Facebook page!