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#140Wednesdays: If You Could Give Your 16-Year-Old Self One Piece of Advice, What Would You Tell Her?

Our advice? Start bringing lunch now, you'll save a ton of money! (Photo courtesy of Evan Sklar)

Remember when you colored your hair pink with a highlighter, got into a screaming fight with your sister over lip gloss and declared to never speak to your parents again for making you get a summer job? You probably thought the world would end, and if you're reading this then you know that it in fact did not. They say everything happens for a reason, but looking back at our younger selves we can't help but cringe over some of the choices we made in our teen years. Read below to see what our Twitter followers would tell their 16-year-old selves and post your tidbit of advice below. And if you haven't seen it already, watch this video to ingrain it in your head to wear SPF this summer. (Warning: It's a tearjerker!)

@thinmydreams: That cheeseburger and poutine are going to catch up with you when your metabolism slows.

@wishandwhimsy: Life gets better. High school doesn't define you. Keep being you.

@AbigailLimHo: Love yourself. Believe that you're beautiful. Don't let other people destroy your self-esteem.

@enthusiasticrun: Don't take life too seriously, be nice to everyone, and watch what you post on the Internet!

@she_is_geeky: Drink more water, wear sunblock, join a sport, exercise more!

@angeladecenzo: Keep up that jogging habit, it's great stress relief!

@sensibleflutist: Life gets better and the world doesn't revolve around you.

@theamotinada: Break up with him.

Now tell us: What piece of advice would you give your 16-year-old self?