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Train With an Olympian at Home...For Free!

Picture yourself getting fit in the family room! (Photo by Steve Giralt)

Eight years ago Samantha Clayton was lacing up her track spikes during her final preparations for the Sydney Olympic Games. Four kids, multiple careers and countless personal training clients later, she is helping you get fitter than ever with her BeFit in 90 program.

"I decided to hang up my racing shoes after I had my son, since I didn't want to travel so much with him. My hairdresser asked me to teach her what I knew about fitness in exchange for free haircuts," Clayton says. Realizing that she had a strong knowledge base in fitness already, Clayton made it official by getting certified as a trainer and her following quickly grew. Soon, she was hosting workout DVDs and helping "clients" across the globe.

Her latest project is the free, YouTube-based BeFit in 90 program, which Clayton describes as "a match made in heaven with my athletic background." You won't need to bring too much coordination or any dance skills, but will need a towel. "The Fat-Burning Cardio Workout is my personal favorite since it requires no equipment and includes track moves like lateral jumps and high knees," Clayton says. "But the most fun thing about the program is that there is so much variety so you shock your body and never get bored."

Today, Clayton is keeping her own routine from getting stale by gearing for her first triathlon. "All of my running before was very sprint-based and I never ran more than a lap [quarter mile] at a time before I started training for this race. I did my first 10-mile run a few weeks ago and I thought I was going to die for the next three or four days! It's all about building up endurance slowly," Clayton says.

So with the Olympics coming up on her home turf in London, who does Clayton (who is also a coach for the women's track team at Pepperdine University) expect to make waves? Record breaker Usain Bolt, her friend Joice Maduaka and American sprinter Alyson Felix.