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Fit Links: How to Shape Up at Your Desk and 10 Outrageous Road Races to Try

Stop stressing and start stretching! (Photo by Sarah Forrest)

This week’s fit links from around the web:

  • Don't just sit there. Deskercise! Here are 33 moves to help you shape up in the office. — Greatist
  • If you're bored with a typical 5K, one of these 10 wacky races (think zombies, obstacles or nudity!) may be perfectly suited for your adventurous nature. — Healthy Tipping Point
  • Some of the best bargains in the supermarket can be found in the healthiest aisles. Really! —USA Today
  • How well do you know fitness-related films? Test your knowledge with our editor in chief, Betty, as she visits Hoda and Kathie Lee. — Today Show
  • No gym—or equipment—is required for this fun circuit workout. That means there's no reason to skip it! — Blogilates
  • You hereby have our permission to eat a banana split for breakfast. Kids of all ages will love these! — Peas and Thank You