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Fashion Diaries: Talking Shop With Olympic Swimmer Amanda Beard

With the 2012 Olympics headed our way, we thought that Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard would be a great girl to catch up with. On top of being a star in the pool (did you know that she won her first Olympic medal when she was only 14?!), she's a mom, a model and a philanthropist. Talk about someone who does it all! Here's what Amanda had to say:

What is one food that you absolutely can't live without? I love Mexican food. It's my guilty pleasure!

What food do you eat right before a big meet, that you feel gives you the most energy? Since Mexican food is not ideal before getting in the pool so before a meet or workout, I like to snack on PB&H (honey) sandwiches or smoothies. They're both delicious, easy to make and help keep me energized.

Swimming requires a lot of body strength. What is your go-to workout move to help keep you strong? The 18 x 100 breaststroke is one of my favorite strength-building workouts. I always walk away feeling energized, despite the fact that the minimal intervals between each repetition makes it a tough workout! [Editor's note: Sure sounds tough to us!]

Most athletes have a mantra that pumps them up, what's yours? "I don't believe you have to be better than anybody else. I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be."

How would you describe your fashion sense out of the pool? My fashion sense out of the water isn't too different from in the water, as it's all based on comfort and feeling confident in what I wear. Outside the water, my favorite articles of clothing are jeans, T-shirts and flip-flops. I try to dress somewhat stylish while dressing easy and casual for my duties as a mom. I'm all about being comfy!

What is your favorite swimsuit to wear for a race or training sesh? My favorite swimsuit to wear in the water is Aqua Sphere's Lima swimsuit. Not only is it fashionable and dependable, but it also offers complete body support, which helps me focus on my training, rather than fidgeting or adjusting the suit.

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