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Is This The Nation's Most Personalized Group Fitness Class?

Riders during Thursday's class were inspired by the awesome riverside view! (Photo courtesy of KiwiSweat)

What's more motivating than having a workout date with 30 close pals? How about having the instructor know you, and call you out during the most challenging parts, by name? That's exactly what you'll find during a class with KiwiSweat, a pop-up fitness company that brings top-notch instructors and class concepts to life in unique locations (in the past, this has included indoor cycling at the Museum of Modern Art and yoga under the Brooklyn Bridge, among others).

The setting isn't all that makes KiwiSweat stand out, however. When you sign up for a class, you are placed on the check-in list, and as you arrive for class, hosts will say, "welcome back for your third session!" or offer guidance if you are new, based on their computer statistics about your account. The name on your account also is linked to your locker and bike—it appears on a mini-chalkboard hanging from both—so there are no "wait, is this my spot?" moments during the pre-class scramble. Bonus: During a tough sprint or challenging yoga pose, the instructor (in our case at a waterfront cycling class last Thursday, it was the always-energetic celebrity trainer Lacey Stone) can motivate you by name. No slacking off here!

Usually, it takes several sessions to connect so strongly with your instructor and classmates. But the few simple touches KiwiSweat has added makes everyone fast friends—not to mention more likely to show up next time.

Now tell us: Would knowing your instructor on a first-name basis get you to the gym more often? And where would your ideal pop-up class take place?