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Work Out With Celebrity Trainer, Gunnar Peterson, LIVE Tomorrow Morning!

Peterson (left) has helped sculpt Minka Kelly's enviable shape. You're next! (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock)

If you're ever wanted to work out with a celebrity trainer, now is your chance! Trainer to the stars, Gunnar Peterson, whose hot bodies he's helped whip into shape include Vanessa Lachey, Jennifer Lopez and Sophia Vergara (just to name a few), is offering a FREE teaser workout tomorrow on his new website, The workout is sure to be no joke, even from the comfort of your home, Gunnar will push you to new limits. If you like what you see—more importantly how you feel after a session with this pro—sign up for his exclusive 8-week program that he promises will get you ready to hit the beach with confidence. What a special treat! Give Gunnar eight weeks of your time and devotion and you can look and feel like one of his A-listers too? Sign me up please! If you sign up for the Gunnar Challenge, which runs from May 21 to July 14, you'll be working out in real time with online buddies doing the same thing—the group workout experience, minus the the benefits of exercising with other people. In the challenge you can chat with other members, watch demo videos of Gunnar's daily workouts and get nutrition advice too. Find out if you're meeting your daily caloric intake by logging your meals (if you indulged in a bag of potato chips, your program will tell you how long it will take you to burn it off—I love this part!), check out nutritional info of all your favorite foods (the app will keep you on track when you're not at your desk) and get healthy cooking ideas for more than 1,000 recipes (the program even suggests things to cook for dinner that night..takes the thinking out of the endless "what's for dinner?" battle). In addition to Gunnar's daily workouts, a "surprise" session will pop into your inbox Saturday morning—since you won't know what to expect, the suspense of doing something new and unknown at the start of your weekend will be a motivational treat. Workouts can be printed out and taken to the gym, done outdoors on a hot sunny day or inside in your living room with your music blasting. All the tricks for losing weight are thought out and planned for you—you just have to follow along and you'll reach the weight-loss goals you want to hit. The Gunnar Challenge is your chance to have that personal trainer on hand whenever you need him. It makes working out and eating right a no-brainer. Plus, weekly motivational videos from Gunnar himself will keep you pumped up along the way. I don't think I've ever seen a celebrity trainer give so much of his recipe for success for so little cost (the 8-week program costs only $99). If you're thinking this program is for you, try Gunnar's kickoff workout tomorrow from 10 to 11 a.m. EST. Then get ready to get moving with Gunnar on May 21 when you sign up! Share your results with us after July 14th and we'll post your before and after pictures on this blog!