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Volleyball Pro Misty May-Treanor's Fuel-Up Tips and Recipes

One lucky winner will get a private training session with volleyball pro Misty May! (Photo courtesy of Arnold and Oroweat Bread)

With more career wins than any other female volleyball player, Misty May-Treanor is a pro at getting her body in top shape. With less than 100 days until the London Games, she chatted with us in between competitions to share her nutrition tips and favorite fueling recipes, and told us about a fun opportunity for you to learn volleyball from none other than the champ herself.

What do you eat to fuel up before a big game? What do you eat after? As an athlete, it’s important to watch what you eat. I eat meals throughout the day, so I carry foods that help sustain energy. I eat a lot of sandwiches and try to be conscious of eating carbs and protein. I try to eat every couple of hours. I like sandwiches with whole wheat/grain and use pickles or cucumbers for moisture instead of mayo or mustard. I like having chicken or turkey breast sandwiches right after working out. Some other sandwich combinations that I love are:

  • Tuna with sprouts, tomatoes, lettuce and red onions
  • Roast beef with avocado and red onions

Do you have any go-to healthy meals or snacks? Since I try to eat every few hours, if I feel like I need a little extra after a meal, I'll have a piece of fruit or add more vegetables to my lunch to stay fuller. When I'm home I like to have almond butter and strawberry jelly sandwiches. They're easy to make and kids love them, too.

How does your diet change when you start training for competitions? I think diet needs to be a constant routine, so I don’t stray so much. But you need to give yourself some sort of leeway—if you want a brownie once in a while, then you can have one. But it takes discipline and it's easier to stay on top of it than play catch up later on. It's all about having a healthy lifestyle.

Do you have any techniques or mantras to get your more motivated, especially on off days? I try to live life to the fullest and live in the present. What keeps me motivated is wanting to constantly get better. I want to keep improving. [As gold medalists,] we have a huge target on our back and competitors are trying to bring us down, so that always keeps me wanting to do better.

You've teamed up with Arnold and Oroweat Bread to give one lucky person a private training clinic. Do you have any special tips for people wanting to learn or get better at volleyball? The person that wins this contest will get a taste of the lifestyle that I lead. Have fun, get out there and play, even if you don’t know all the rules. How to Enter The Arnold and Oroweat Bread Slice of Gold Contest:

Submit your original healthy sandwich recipe on Facebook to enter for a chance to win a private volleyball clinic with Misty May Treanor!