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#140Wednesdays: Which Old Fitness Trend Would You Bring Back?

Thanks, Suzanne, for helping us work our inner thighs.

Remember working out with Walkmans (you know, that thing before the iPod), Spandex bodysuits, and sweating with Richard Simmons? For our 20th anniversary, we took a power walk down memory lane to highlight the exercise highs and lows that have shaped us. So we decided to ask our Twitter followers which old trends they'd bring back. Here's what they said:

@runpretty: headbands and side-ponies, for life!

@cdean17: Thigh Masters!

@angelpumpkin1: Jazzercise anyone?

@mntnbnd: I always do pushups/situps/pullups/jumping jacks/etc. Oldies, but goodies—no need for crazy equipment! #140Wednesdays

@DraperCharlotte: freestyle aerobics!

@cathiealanders : definitely aerobicizing! loved it!

@BBtruevalue: leotards was so cool back in day & it looks like i was going to dance rehearsal