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Veep Star Sufe Bradshaw Dishes About Her New Love of Yoga

Bradshaw fell in love with yoga last year. (Photo courtesy of Russell Baer)

Actress Sufe Bradshaw lives one hectic life. Whether she's appearing on Bones, in the slim version of Star Trek, working on developing her documentary or volunteering in her Los Angeles community, her schedule leaves little room for down time. Yet Bradshaw still is able to find inner peace, thanks to her new love of yoga.

Read on to hear about her favorite poses and styles, then catch Bradshaw on Sunday for the premiere of her new HBO show Veep, co-starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

You began practicing yoga last year. Did you have other fitness favorites before that or was this your first love?

I've always been a physically active girl, dancing when I was younger, playing basketball and swimming. Adding yoga to the mix builds my muscles because it supports those activities as well. Yoga enhanced the things I did before and has created a greater awareness of my body now.

Do you have a style of yoga that you prefer over others? How about poses that you enjoy the most?

I like to practice Hatha/Vinyasa Flow. But I also like to practice Beach Walk Meditations. During these mediations, I feel more connected with nature, allowing the feet to feel the sand which grounds and roots me to the world.

In terms of specific poses, I feel that Crow challenges me mentally and physically and I also love Headstands. Being upside down, you rely on your hands to keep you balanced—and the pose gives you a new perspective. You have to focus on being present. I also love the Warrior series—not only does it build endurance, but it also gives me a sense of strength and courage.

How has yoga impacted your life outside of the studio?

It's a practice. My body today isn't my body yesterday or tomorrow, so it forces me to be honest with myself and where I am every day. Being present. Being accountable.

What are your fitness goals moving forward?

Continue a practice that focuses on compassion. Also, totally different but very zen in its own way, I am taking up surfing! The awareness and focus that comes with yoga is a tool that applies to this strongly. You can't let the outside world affect you in the moment or you will wipe out!

Do you ever do yoga on the set of Veep? Have you inspired any of your cast mates with your active lifestyle or have they inspired you in some way?

Yoga is something that I can do at any place and at any time. The practice of meditation, deep breathing, something as simple as Tadasana [AKA Mountain pose] is great. People don't even realize you are doing it. I don't know if I have inspired my cast mates, but me just being the best me I can be has a cause and an effect and the practice gives me peace of mind.

Tell us about your character on Veep. Is she a lot like you are off camera?

If I told you the Hollywood Secret Service might have to kill you. Just kidding! You will just have to tune into the show to find out.

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