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#140Wednesdays: If You Were Going to the Olympics, What Sport Would You Compete In?

We'll be watching these ladies bump, set, spike before you know it! (Photo by Marc Serota for the National Volleyball League)

Just a few more months until the 2012 Olympic Games kick off! While we're anxiously awaiting the Opening Ceremony, athletes are already gearing up to compete with the best of the best all over the world. And though we may not be able to claim a gold medal this year, a girl can still dream! If you were heading to London this summer, what sport would you compete in? Read below to see what our Twitter followers had to say–no previous skills required!

@KerriOlkjer: The marathon! #inmydreams

@PipersRunI would compete in women's soccer for Canada!

@Lucille_Roberts: Olympic Zumba! (Wishful thinking.)

@Philly_Terrier: Since marathon napping isn't an event, I'd go archery or boxing. If I had the skill I'd be a gymnast, though.

@kmstoc3: I'd compete in track and field, specifically the triple jump and 100-meter hurdles!

@itssmilenaa13: Beach volleyball!

@sandiegosmom: Fantasy: Gymnastics. Reality: Pin-trading.

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