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Hot Topic Tuesday: Would You Broadcast Your Weight on Social Networks?

(Photo courtesy of Body Media)-

Last week, BodyMedia (the company behind the activity-tracking armbands you may have seen in FITNESS and on Jillian Michaels) launched an interesting new feature that integrates with their products. You can now step on your Withings scale and have your weight automatically sent not only to your BodyMedia account, but also to your Facebook timeline. (Note: This is an optional feature.) Most health goals, like a fitness bucket list or food log, have been for your eyes only in the past. But in our increasingly connected world, everything from last night's nutritious dinner (#twye) to triumphant race moments are published on blogs, Twitter and more. So perhaps this wireless, internet-compatible scale is just an extension of that—another way to share your progress or stay accountable.

Now tell us: Would a scale that shares your weights with "friends" inspire you to stay on track with your wellness goals? Or are all of the social media deets just TMI?