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Ashlan Gorse Uncovers the Hidden Side of Hollywood


Last time we caught up with E! News anchor Ashlan Gorse, she revealed her diet and exercise secrets. Next month, Gorse will candidly spill about what it takes to look like a celebrity on her new website Hollywood Smoke and Mirrors. "When I was growing up, I looked up to women like Molly Sims and Cindy Crawford. I wish I knew at the time that stars like them and the Victoria's Secret angels have mostly fake hair! I'll admit it, I have extensions in right now," Gorse says.

Since many celebrities are coy about what it really takes to appear red carpet-ready ("all I did to lose the baby weight was breast feed," Gorse says, giggling while mocking the average new Hollywood mom), she will offer insider tips on healthy ways to get the looks you see on TV. The first post will show Gorse walking in to the E! studios before 6 a.m. sans-makeup, in contrast to her TV-time face. "So often, outfits are taped, pinned or clamped on—things you can't tell from the front!

Through my site, with the help of my hair and makeup team, you'll learn positive ways to do it yourself. And I can't wait to share how my stylists and I deal with chubby days," Gorse says. (Hint: Seek out empire waists and belts and play up your legs!) Hollywood Smoke and Mirrors is a welcome change for Gorse, who told us during a visit to the FITNESS offices yesterday that she occasionally tires of the topics in celebrity news. "It drives me crazy when the industry talks about how fabulous these women look in their bikinis when you just want to feed them a sandwich," Gorse says. "Luckily, I think 'skinny' is celebrated less than 'healthy' now that women like Sofia Vergara and Christina Hendricks are on the scene."