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Why You Should Take a Recess—Regardless of Your Age!


Do you hear the recess bell ringing? Take notice: It's not just for the kids! Sportswear company KEEN is on a mission to encourage companies to jump on the break bandwagon. Why? Because it just makes sense (and cents)!

Check out these facts:

  • 62% of employees who don't take regular breaks
  • 40% increase in premature death risk for those who commonly experience bouts of prolonged sitting
  • Each 2 hour increase in work time sitting has been linked to a 5% increase in obesity and a 7% increase in Type 2 diabetes
  • More than 1/10 of American healthcare costs can be attributed to inactivity
  • 44% of adults would participate in recess, if offered at their workplace (count all of us in!)
  • Employers get about $2 back for every $1 spent implementing a paid recess break program

Source: Methodology for the Recess Revolution Toolkit, research performed by UCLA School of Public Health That's why KEEN has declared that "Recess is Back." They want employers across the country to offer 10-minute breaks for workers to step outside, breathe fresh air and simply play. Research has proven that these paid recess breaks increase productivity and morale and decrease absenteeism and medical costs. If you forget what to do during recess, check out some of their awesome activity ideas on the very Pin-able!

Now tell us: What would your ideal workday recess include?